All About us…


This Jack and Paul and we are AllAboutLaw.

AllAboutLaw is a simple concept. Everything the law student or potential law student needs to know about law. Given the chance we will take you on a journey from high school to the court room.

Not so long ago we were just like you, and to be honest we were a little lost; we just wanted some straightforward advice and insight into the possibilities ahead of us. So that’s how we started, two graduates, one law and one history and began our mission to provide the best advice there is in an easy and digestible way.

“If you want to know what’s on the road ahead, ask someone coming back the other way.” – We combine our experiences with those of all the experts we have met over the last year. Oh and experts doesn’t just mean gradute recruiters and city partners but also you guys: people that have won training contracts or made it to the Bar.


One Response to “All About us…”

  1. Muhammad Says:

    Hi JackPaul! I think I’m going to start an LLB in the UK when I become graduated here(Iran).As you have also experienced,I feel a wee bit lost.I hope I can find you helpful…

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