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After one long year, hundreds of meetings, and thousands of pages views the new website is ready going.

The new site went live two weeks ago now and we decided to stick with the green. For our generation and I suppose it was the same for any other generation really, keeping up with technology and fashion is a way of life. Everybody wants the latest phone or the latest cut of cloth that’s adourning the high street.

I think the same goes for the information we receive and the way we receive it. Online is everything and mobile online will be the new something… so we have to keep changing. I like this quest to find new ways of doing things, faster, easier and with greater specificity.

We haven’t reinvented the wheel it’s more that we have just popped an alloy on it and put on some nice tight treads. The website has good information set out in an easily navigable way but once this wheel is moving we’re planning on scrapping it for the hoverboard…

And the best news of all is that we are now the most popular law careers website in the UK! the industry standard for web traffic put us streets ahead. So thanks guys.





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