Live Court Action at the Supreme Court

The new Supreme Court is here as I am sure everyone is aware. For the first time in UK some cases will be televised…

Good. I’m glad we live in the modern world.

Anybody can attend court and watch cases; it is of course an essential part of the democratic society we live in and in fact any democratic society. So I say all cases should be televised or rather streamed on the internet… so everyone where ever they are can tune in, download or listen in on the democratic process.

What a tool that would be watching the democratic process in action, listening to the Judges, hearing the Barristers argue amongst themselves all from the comfortable of your living room or the library.

Focusing on the narrow point of legal careers education, I think it would give such a good understanding to any aspiring lawyer. I know I would have it on all the time. I spent some time working at a Court in Bosnia and there the cases were streamed internally, it was such a good way to learn to much, listening to the Prosecution and the defence and watching how the Judges dealt with particular issues as well as letting me see the procedures of the court unfold.

So I am all in favour and I think it should be expanded to every case in every court in the land.



2 Responses to “Live Court Action at the Supreme Court”

  1. Alan Plawtridge Says:

    I do agree, but if you want to implement this system into ‘every court in the land’ you’d have to make sure that the camera’s stop rolling when the jury is asked to leave. It could upset the cause of justice if they were to get wind of any issues which arise during their absence…

  2. Court TV « Calcutta Chronicles Says:

    […] By Hutom This blogpost about the new UK Supreme Court made me wonder: Why not televise the proceedings of the Indian […]

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