“If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!”

I spent the first half hour of this morning looking through some law forums posting a few, hopefully useful comments. I came across one lady… this is her situation:

Thirty, 2.2, LPC and five years paralegalling experience  – 100 applications for training contracts and just one interview.

She believed the main issues to be her age and the fact that she had a child, which she considers to be a mitigating circumstance. I do not have any children but I am aware they do take up a lot of time and effort and must be very draining but then a lot of people have children and I am sure even some lawyers have reproduced. She continues,

“I wish people in my situation i.e. studied and worked at the same time, older, but very hard working were given more of a chance – they should make firms give TC to all law graduates mandatory – like medical doctors!! at least £20k has gone on my law studies!!! i know it was my choice and i was aware of the risk but hey i deserve it

I imagine there are a number of other people who would disagree, most of all law firms. Law firms, I reminded her, are businesses with the aim of making money. Therefore, she will not secure a training contract just by making them feel that she deserves it. Lots of people deserve lots of things but that’s not real life. If she wants a job she needs to show she is good enough and furthermore that she is better than the other candidates. That is the step I think she has to take, she needs to stop using her circumstances as a handicap and yes she will probably struggle more than other people and will have to work harder but then life isn’t fair and we don’t all have an equal grounding.

That said, she does need some help and I think that there must be a flaw in her applications and she needs some guidence. I am happy to point in the direction of good guidence – everyone should have the opportunity to help and advice – but it’s what you do with it that counts.

So my point is this, as we make our own way in the world – take all help and advice you can but in the end its what you with that that will determine how well you do and not the situation you are in. Most situations can be changed, not all but most.

As Paul always says, “If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!”



2 Responses to ““If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!””

  1. LegallyGinge Says:

    I think the flaw in her application is the 2.2. Don’t get me wrong its a shame, but its a numbers game, especially with the thousands and thousands churning out of law degrees each year with better grades. Having a child is not a mitigating circumstance, the countless other parents (inc single mothers) who have 2.1’s prove that. I realise this is harsh but thats life.

  2. LegallyGinge Says:

    Also the paragraph that you have quoted is non sensical. If all her writing is like this, perhaps this too is an issue?

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