Law and a language

When I was at high school I never really had much of an interest in languages and really, I couldn’t see the point. Why bother learning French or German? I mean all that time wasted for a week in France or a weekend trip to Germany. How short sighted.

In my fourth year at univeristy I took Spanish as an outside extra, it was great. I enjoyed every minute and would love to have started in my first year. I like the challenge of trying to get an idea from inside my head and trying to convey that to another person without using English. When you acheive it, it feels good and you would be suprised how often you can use without being in Spain or S. America.

It can open a bunch of doors too – friendships, travel, relationships, work and great experiences. In fact why not combine it with an Erasmus year/term at a European university? I know I wish I had.

Law and a language might not be for everyone, but it’s worth a thought.



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