Calm before the storm…

Having spent the last two months going through the finer details of the site, I’m glad to say that we are finally starting to see something tangible. As with everything requiring a lot of forward planning and general ‘graft’, you tend to spend forever struggling and struggling until one day it all finally clicks.

We’re not quite there yet, however let’s just say it’s looking pretty tasty! We’ve decided to stay bold and keep the green (ekk!) however even if people struggle with the colour at least the info around it will be top notch!


2 Responses to “Calm before the storm…”

  1. Michael Says:

    Nice job with the design. It’s a very streamlined and minimalist style. And the shade of green is certainly…. distinctive! :p

  2. AW Says:

    The first time I saw your site… I immediately thought how similar it was to the timesonline site in its layout and style. So glad you’re changing it… toxic green isn’t so bad… (go see the Land Registry’s site for colours you should absolutely avoid!)

    Goodluck I hope it all goes smoothly!

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