Toxic green

We have recently been having some design work done for the site and we have been looking at different colour schemes. Green is the chosen colour. We took at look at some of the designs – impressive I thought – after a little sleep and the seeking the opinions our nearest and dearest we revisited Mike.

Too dark we said, we need something lighter.”

“Ok, sure. He said.” – [He gave us his professional opinion and justified his first choice] “select some colours you like and then let me know”

After, looking at 1000 shades of green we decided on one. Bright and vibrant more what we were looking for we agreed. Well… it appeared we weren’t exactly right. Once it was on the page we immediately regretted our decision.  “Oh God it’s TOXIC GREEN!” We donned sunglasses for a second look. It hadn’t improved.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you can be so sure something is right, but then when you see it, see what it it really is it manifests itself into something you find repulsive. Evoking feelings you didn’t expect when you first made your choice.

I think choosing a career in law can be the same. I also, think its ok to change your mind. Law can open the door to a bunch of different careers – and the legal world is so diverse there will always be something for everyone. You can be a specialist in the law of Superyachts (contract law I suppose ?) or you could be a legal journalist in court or you could even have you own law careers website!  So my advice would be try out a load of things, experience what you want to be doing  – otherwise you will have no idea if it’s right for you. Also listen to advice; it’s not always right and sometimes you might need to tweek it a bit but it’s true, “If you want to know what’s on the road ahead, ask someone coming back the other way!”

On that note, I had better email Mike and see if we can sort out this toxic mess.



One Response to “Toxic green”

  1. Bill Bartmann Says:

    Cool site, love the info.

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