“Oh hi… let’s be mates!”

Quite a lot of things irritate me; one thing that particularly annoys me is when someone you don’t really know acts like they know you. Ricky Gervias describes it well: once he was in a hotel, tired and heading to bed and some random comes running up:

Guy: “Brentyyyy!
Ricky: [What was the best this guy was hoping for] “Oh hi… let’s be mates!” he replied.

I was reading a newsletter from one of the other careers websites. The first paragraph included the following line.

“So you can probably guess my reaction when I woke up this morning to an email from a law student seeking work experience with me, which was written entirely in text speak.”

My first thought was really!? I couldn’t really imagine that happening ever, really never. I don’t know anyone… literally nobody who would seriously write a letter for work experience in text speech.

I then started wondering if this was journalistic flair to highlight the point of how important spelling and grammar is? Which is fine I suppose. Maybe it’s completely true. But it comes across to me like someone trying to get down with the kids and that annoys me a bit.

Anyway, I’m probably labouring the point too much, maybe I’m just a sensitive 23 year old…



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