Could Legal Education take a leaf out of the PGCE route?

I was speaking to a chap last Friday who is responsible for organising admissions for the PGCE at a top UK institution. He explained to me that in order to become a teacher students must first complete the PGCE (much the same as law students obviously having to take the LPC or BVC) following their degree, however there was one key and frankly huge differencel.

The number of places available per year on the PGCE are determined by the number of jobs available within the profession…

I’ll give you a second with that.

Considering that students are now being charged upwards of £12k per pear on fees (and of which CharonQC recently highlighted will surely increase with the arrival of the Americans at BPP) not only without the guarantee of a job but also with the governing body actively dissuading people from taking such a path, something seemed a little wrong!

I understand obviously that the majority of teachers will fall under a publicly funded system and that the institutions (supposedly) are not a commercial venture, however surely something can be taken from this model for the legal profession?



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