Chewing on raw garlic and going for high fives

This evening I have been in touch with a Professor from the University of Princeton who has a fascinating focus for his research and that is the science of first impressions. We are sub-consciously (and consciously) analysing and judging people all the time, sometimes hundreds of times in a day.

It struck me this weekend as I was thinking of some articles that would fit nicely onto the site and one area of consideration was the daunting interview. Most of the articles I read on interview tips (in fact most careers advice) are just a bit thoughtless; here are a few of my favourite examples:

Do not smoke, chew gum, or eat garlic beforehand.

Wear suitable interview clothes.

Arrive on time for your job interview.

Always greet the interviewer by his/her last name and try to pronounce it correctly.

Have a good firm handshake.

Look alert and interested. Scan the room once and then keep your eyes on the interviewer.

Maybe, these are a result of real experiences; if they are then that’s a TV series in itself. I wonder how many people were turning up in fancy dress, chewing on raw garlic, staring at the interview like a psycho and going for high fives? The problem with naff advice like this, at least for me, is that it instantly dis-credits anything else they have to offer. I make a judgment, and usually decide that the article is a load of rubbish and hit the back key.

So where am I going, well what I want to say is that with a bit of thought and effort it should be possible to provide content that is actually worth reading and I hope that the article I have planned onĀ first impressions and how we can manipulate them might actually be worth reading. I hope so, or I guess I’ll find it cited in another blog in a few months. Let’s hope not.



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