Trouble in the North…

The long drawn out task of finding people to check over the existing profiles has been continuing all week and thrown up a few insights I thought I would share with you. Yesterday, I had an interesting e-mail from a guy just finishing the BVC in the north of England who was less than happy with certain aspects of his time this year.

“To be honest, not a lot of people were happy with the course – me included – so I cannot really give positive feedback. The teaching itself is second to none, but [the] … management are terrible. [There are many stories…]”

Oh dear I thought. Perhaps this would make a nice topic for my blog? So I asked him for permission explaining I would keep him anonymous and that others might be interested in his story. No problem he replied. He would have been happy to speak out himself if he wasn’t worried about what might happen to him.

Now, I am sure that any Law School would welcome the opinions of their students and strive to make improvements if they felt any criticism was justified. But from the students point of view I can understand. They feel they have a lot to lose from a rant at their school. If a student has followed the traditional route then they have been in full time education for 18 years and probably have more than ¬£20 000 in debt. There’s no way they are going to throw that all away at the last hurdle, or least until they have their final grades.

My thoughts are that Law school should want to improve themselves to be better, to give students what they pay for. Transparency is the key, a trust has to be established, so students feel comfortable airing their thoughts without the worry of what might happen.

In the end, it is very unlikely a school could or would do anything. Imagine the scandal, “STUDENT HAS MARKS LOWERED AS A RESULT OF COMPLAINT”. It would be a PR nightmare and these Law schools are businesses. So I say rant away, tell them exactly what you think! Maybe you’ll get in the papers and someone will snap you up for tenancy… or maybe they’ll think worse of you for moaning and complaining your way through, telling on the teacher as it were.

… so on second thoughts maybe you should keep quiet and let the rage boil up inside.



2 Responses to “Trouble in the North…”

  1. Concerned citizen! Says:

    So which school was it then?!

  2. Oedipus Lex Says:

    If law schools have to be run a businesses then why not have them reviewed like any shop or restaurant. Actually, there is an argument that they realy should be reviewed. If I am going to spend around 12 grand on something I want to know I am spending it with the school that most fits my needs – and by needs I mean the course that is most likely to get me a job!

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