Beep, beep… and logic

The beep of the alarm made me jump this morning; before I knew it I was there in the office. In front of my laptop. Tap tap tap as I checked my emails.

I sluggishly got stuck in, hunting for people to help me up-date all of our profiles. It going to take a while I thought. I continued thinking… but alas no, there wasn’t a short cut. Things soon picked up after a mug of warm coffee.

The rest of the morning was filled with phone calls and some email tennis. I took at look at the newspapers at lunch time, assisted suicide still seems to be a prevalent. I’m not sure what I think. I remember hearing an interesting argument during the discussions over Diane Pretty. She, I believe, was basing her arguments of the European Convention, namely Art 2. The right to life. Mrs Pretty, or rather her Barrister was saying that if there is the right to life, then there must be reciprocal right to death. When I think about it further, I can’t fault it.

However, there is more to it than logic. This talking about someone’s life. And the main issue is not the fact that a person wants to end their life, but the very fact that someone else has to aid them in their endeavour. Tricky. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the norm in not so long in the same way that abortion is now a part of the fabric of our society.

In the end I’m a sucker for choice, somehow I feel like the more choice I have the richer I am. But all that choice means lots of thinking… on that note I’m off to bed to mull it over.



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