Half way there…

I’m half way through the week and now I have the enviable task of getting all the new content for the new sections of the site. So many articles so little time, I suppose we’ll get there in the end. Although, if someone sends me another generic article along the lines of… “In order to do well in your exams it is important to begin revision early as possible and take plenty of breaks” I’ll go insane.

I’m not saying that isn’t important but I doubt there any many people who haven’t been regularly told that since year 7, and what difference does it make? I am sick of articles for the sake of filling space. It really doesn’t take that much research to explain why studying is most effective between 8am and 12pm, as the glycerine levels in the brain are higher which are required to power the synapses between the short and long term memory. That makes sense it’s logical….. I mean it would be if I did’t make it up, but you know what I mean.



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