The start of another week of solo coffees and training contract deadlines…

Paul has continued to make solo coffee’s in the office this week. An outrage if there was ever one. After last week we thought things would be back to the status quo. Standard office rules in my opinion.

If he keeps this up we might have to resort to making Paul toffee’s (when you add a bit of coffee to someone’s tea) just to teach him a lesson of course. The site has been busy this week with a load of training contract deadlines on the 31st. Although, I like the way Beechcrofts slying popped theirs on the 1st August for a bit of prominence I suppose.

If I were in charge of choosing a deadline I’d pop mine on the day before the other deadlines that way everyone will see it first when they scroll down the calendar 😀

Right time for bed and then chasing more content tomorrow.



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